The Best Christmas Decor Storage & Organization Ideas

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Like many of you, our number of Christmas decorations tends to grow each year. With every type of storage & organization, it’s best to prioritize function with having systems in place. This way, year after year, you know exactly where to find each and every decoration. We’ve rounded up some great tools to help you establish your own storage and organization systems (your future self will thank you).

Tree Storage

First things first, let’s tackle the largest Christmas decoration, the faux tree. There are a couple of great ways to store your tree, so we wanted to include both options. First, we found the EZ Roller Expandable Tree Bag from The Container Store. This tree storage bag is a great option because it can hold an artificial tree from 9’ to 12’ tall with it’s zippered expandable end, making it quite versatile. It is constructed with strong polyester and nylon webbing handles. They even included wheels for easy maneuvering. For $69.99 this tree storage option feels like a steal!

Believe it or not, there is a way to store your tree upright. The TreeKeeper Medium Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag can store artificial Christmas trees up to 7.5’ tall. The advantage of storing your Christmas tree with this method is that you never have to disassemble or reassemble your tree from year to year. Additionally it even comes with a clever tree skirt so when you set up your tree next year you can punch up the storage bag at the base of your tree and secure it with the attached tree skirt and cover with a stylish tree skirt.

Ornament Storage

Prior to putting away the tree, you’ve gotta tackle ornament storage. Since more often then not, ornaments are quite fragile, ornament storage requires careful planning. Luckily, the perfect tool exists for this issue. There are a couple ways to approach storing ornaments. As linked below. You can opt to use your own 74qt Weathertight Tote and drop in some ornament trays (each one holds 24 ornaments) from The Container Store. These trays are lightweight and easily stackable.

If you’re looking for more of an all in one option, the Santa’s Bag Christmas Ornament Storage Box With Drawers from Macy’s is the perfect option. It holds 73 3” ornaments. It’s perfect for people who want to store their ornaments indoors in a closet.

Light Storage

If you’re over your lights getting all tangled up in storage, this next storage tool is for you! The Container Store has Light Storage Set of 2 Spools that are perfect for storing your holiday lights and even extension cords in a tangle free manner. They even have an option that comes with three spools and protective storage bag. The spools can hold up to 75’ of classic C7 lights, 150’ of mini lights or even 150’ of AWG extension cord.

Wreath Storage

When you toss your wreathes in a storage box with the rest of your Christmas decorations, they often get squished and damaged, losing their shape and volume. Luckily, we found a few great storage solution options for this problem. First we have the Iris 24” Wreath Storage from The Container Store. This option is a hard shell plastic case. Additionally, it’s clear lid helps you differentiate all of your wreaths if you have multiple Christmas variations or even different wreathes for other seasons. It comes in a 24” and 30” option.

Next, we found the Double Wreath Storage Bag from The Container Store. This option is great. Cause it store two wreathes for only $21.99. This wreath storage bag includes interior clips that help preserve wreath shape. In addition to being able to store two wreathes up to 36” each, it alternatively can store one wreath and one strand of garland, making this storage option both affordable and versatile.

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Last but not least, getting your gift wrapping supplies into an organized storage system can be so helpful. Not only for Christmas, but for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and more.

It’s so much more convenient to recycle nice gift bags someone’s gifted to you, if you have the proper place to store them. This ends up saving you money in the long run as you can easily grab the right themed bag from your own reuse stock rather than running to the store to purchase a brand new bag and tissue paper every time. The TreeKeeper Gift Bag & Tissue Paper Storage is perfect for this.

In addition to gift bag and tissue paper storage, wrapping paper and other wrapping accessories can be easily stored in The Container Store’s Wrapping Paper Storage Case. The main compartment can hold 30 inch rolls of paper but if you remove the interior divider it can even hold 40 inch rolls of paper. There are also extra compartments to store tags bows and other wrapping accessories. The side handles also make it convenient to tote around.