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If you haven’t purchased a Tumble rug before, let me tell you, you’re missing out! I partnered with Tumble to share all there is to know about their incredible rugs! Tumble beautifully combines style and functionality in their rugs, making them the perfect addition to any home. Even if you’re not a parent or pet owner, we all spill every now and again. Knowing you won’t have to risk tossing out your rug due to a stain or spill is the peace of mind anyone can appreciate.

As a mom of two who’s constantly cleaning spills and even hiring carpet cleaners to fix up my stained rugs, I. WAS. OVER. IT. I’d had enough and was ready to search far and wide for a better option. Luckily Tumble came across my screen one day and I was immediately intrigued. I watched video after video of people cleaning coffee, wine, milk spills and more off their Tumble rugs with a few effortless blots of a rag. Additionally, I saw people tossing their Tumble rug into the washer and dryer for a freshen up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It almost sounded too good to be true. I then knew I needed to reach out to Tumble for a partnership in hopes to provide an in depth review in exchange for a rug and find out whether or not it was worth the hype. The room that made the most sense for a Tumble rug addition, was the dining room, as that’s where my home faces the most spills.

First Impression

Upon arrival, the Tumble rug came neatly packaged in one box which included the following: 12 non-slip cushioned interlocking rug pad pieces (labeled by number), the rug, and a pouch filled with 4 nonslip rug grippers (one for each corner) and an instruction sheet which detailed assembly and washing/care instructions.

Straight out of the box I fell in love with the rug! I was so impressed with how lightweight and soft the rug was. Additionally, I was jumping for joy, because the Lisa – Taupe/Multi design and color was everything I hoped for! I selected the 8×10 option but Tumble offers rugs in 7 sizes (9×12, 8×10, 6×9, 5×7, 3×5, 2.5×10 runner and 2.5×7 runner). The flooring in my dining room is cool toned and whereas my walls are a warm color. So, in selecting my rug design and color of choice, I wanted to find a rug which contained both cool and warm tones. This way, the rug could act as a cohesive piece to bring the whole room together. I new right out of the box that the Lisa – Taupe/Multi would be perfect for this!


First, I began assembling the cushioned rug pad. My rug is an 8×10 and came with 12 interlocking rug pads that fit seamlessly together.

Thankfully the instruction sheet shows a visual example of which order the rug pad numbers should be assembled. This made the assembly process super quick and easy, taking any guesswork out!

Once the rug pad was assembled, I rolled out my Tumble rug. I gave it a quick ironing (on the lowest setting) to freshen up any minor creases from shipment.

While rolling out the rug, I tucked each corner of the rug pad into the corner pockets of the rug, which fit perfectly. Side note – Tumble intentionally leaves just enough wiggle room for the corner pockets to fit immediately as well as after a wash and dry (in case of subtle shrinkage). I swear Tumble thought of everything!

One by one as I tucked the corners of the rug pad into the rug, I peeled the plastic off of the “rug” side of the silicone gripper and neatly stuck it onto the corner edge of the rug. Once the grippy “rug” side was secure, I peeled the plastic off of the “floor” side of the gripper, then smoothed the corner of the rug onto the floor. What’s great about these rug grippers is that they are made of silicone. So, if they seem to be losing their stickiness over time, all you have to do is rinse each side with soap and water, let them air dry, then secure them right back onto the rug and floor.

Spill Test

The spill test was the part of this rug review I was both most excited and nervous about. Tumble boasts about it’s rugs 100% spillproof material, so I figured I’d go big or go home and INTENTIONALLY spill cows milk directly onto my brand new rug. Actually, to say I was nervous is an understatement. I was obsessed with the rug’s colors, texture, lightweight nature and hand illustrated design. It truly brought the dining room together and I did NOT want to ruin it!

Thankfully, I was immediately relieved as I saw the milk beading up and not soaking into the soft rug material. My milk spill was a pretty generous spill and yet I was able to wipe it away with a hand towel in just a few seconds. They weren’t kidding about the 100% spillproof material.

Machine Wash & Dry Test

The instruction card I previously mentioned also details simple washing instructions for your rug. This came in such a relief to me since I have never thrown an area rug in the washing machine before. Believe it or not, ALL of their rug sizes, including 9×12 are washable and designed to fit in a standard washer and dryer.

In order to wash my rug, I untucked to pocket corners from the rug pad and removed the nonslip grips from the corners. Next, I simply placed my rug into the wash machine with the design side facing outward. I used a mild detergent (they recommend using non-bleach detergent and avoiding fabric softener). After the rug was washed, I had the choice to hang dry it or tumble dry it on low heat. I personally decided to tumble dry it on low heat and had no issues.

Extra Perks of Tumble

In addition to all of the great things I’ve mentioned, there are a few extra points I’d like to acknowledge.

First, Tumble rugs are both pet and kid friendly, as they are OEKO-TEX certified and free of harmful chemicals. Also, their hypoallergenic low-pile rug helps avoid the collection of dust and pet hair. It’s worth mentioning as well that vacuuming your low-pile rug is no problem, just be careful to not vacuum the sewn edges of your rug (they do not recommend robotic vacuums because they don’t know to avoid the sewn edges).

Another admirable quality of the rugs is their hand drawn designs. This artistic process allows their design selections to be unique and mindfully curated.

Tumble also offers free shipping as well as free returns which always ensures extra peace of mind!

Lastly, they will assist you in rug selection. Their website includes a rug size guide page where you can get a pretty good idea of what size you need, or if you need further help they have an AI feature to assist you. If you have a difficult time deciding which rug design and color will look best in your space, don’t worry. Tumble has a complimentary design consultation feature on their website where you can ask a designer which rug is best for your space. They simply have you answer out a few questions, upload a photo or two of the room and a designer will reach out to help you. If you feel pretty confident in your selection but want to double check, you can even order a swatch before ordering your rug.


As I’m sure you can tell, I am blown away with my Tumble rug. From style to safety to functionality, Tumble checked all the boxes for me and exceeded my expectations. In fact, I immediately purchased the Lisa – Taupe/Multi runner (2.5×7) for my kitchen and was so excited to roll it out in that space as well!

Even if you aren’t a parent or pet owner, spills happen. Rugs can be a risky investment when you end up having to toss them after a few spills. So for me, this is what makes Tumble rugs so worth it. I feel like I can rest assured that the durability of my rugs will not be an issue and I can enjoy them in my space for a long time to come!

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