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If you’re looking to create a modern fitness space in your home, whether it’s in a spare room or your garage, look no further! There are such wonderful options out there for fitness equipment that’s actually aesthetic. I’ve put together a dreamy modern minimalist home gym for you to draw inspiration from! This home gym combines functionality and style as I’ve handpicked some of the most aesthetic and popular equipment and accessories. Scroll to the bottom of the blog post for the full list of product links.

Minimal Gear, Maximum Function

The most important attribute to any modern minimalist space is negative space. Home gyms can often clutter up quickly, making them look like a hot mess. The key here is narrowing down to equipment conserve multiple functions (that you know you’ll actually use). For example, the kettlebell linked below has seven total options. It starts from 10 pounds and increases by 5 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds. It’s super quick to change weight in between sets and has a slide lock mechanism that ensures safety. This is such a great tool to have since it is basically seven kettle bells in one.

Sleek Black & Modern Shapes

As you can see, most of the foundational equipment I’ve selected for this modern minimalist home gym is black. Not only is it easier for the space to appear clean, but black is a receeding color, therefor preventing the space from feeling overcrowded. Black really is the optimal color for the majority of your home gym gear as well because it’s reasonably easy to find equipment with a black finish, maintaining that dramatic, monochromatic effect. These finds by Bala linked below also have unique geometric shapes, which gives the space an additional modern factor.

Modern Tech

A great addition to any modern space is sleek technology. there are quite a few fitness meters on the market, but the echelon home gym reflect mirror comes at a much cheaper price ($644.99) than some of the comparable options. This mirror is 47.6“ x 23.94“ and weighs 44 pounds (it comes with a wall mounting bracket). It is a fingerprint resistant mirror with an HD touchscreen incorporated. There are over 3,000 live and on-demand workouts, and when you purchase the mirror you get free 30 day access to all of these classes. After the 30 days there is a membership fee, however compared to in person classes I think this could really save money in the long run.

Elevated Touches

While a lot of the equipment in this home gym is sleek and black, i’ve incorporated some equipment that features a beautiful walnut finish. This ups the ante of elevating the space and looks so curated! The walnut push up bars, walnut resistance band and walnut jump rope linked below, provide just the right amount of luxury into the sleek space.

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