Bed Styling Guide

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Since we spend around one third of our lives sleeping, it’s important to curate a cozy bed to enjoy this sleep in. Not only should your bed feel comfortable, it should look inviting too! Finding the perfect balance between a bare bed and one that’s too bulky. With the right texture, layering and pillow arrangements, you’re sure to design the the ultimate snug & luxurious bed! Keep reading for our best tips on bed styling!

Quality Textured Layers

For a high end look, it’s important to layer multiple textures with sheets, duvet covers, throw pillows & blankets.


The foundation of a well styled bed starts with the sheets. My absolute favorite sheet fabric is cotton. Parachute home has a wide variety of cotton sheet and full bedding sets with a high quality feel and beautiful colors to choose from. The sheet set linked below is made in Portugal from 100% cotton. Cotton is a great choice for sheets in the spring and summer because not only are they lightweight, but they are also soft to the touch and breathable. My favorite color options of this brushed sheet set re White, Clover & Bone. Those three flexible neutrals that could be paired with a lighter or darker earthy color. Pro-tip, practice hospital corners when making your bed for perfectly uniform sheets.

Duvet Inserts

Next up, is selecting a fluffy duvet insert. A great hack for an extra lush duvet is to stuff it with two duvet inserts. When searching for the optimal duvet insert for your bed, consider your preference for sleep temperature year round. Are you someone who prefers a hot or cold room to sleep in? This may dictate your decision!

My top suggestion is always a down insert as they are insulating to keep you warm, yet breathable to keep things comfortable. My personal favorite is linked below. For those with allergies, down alternative inserts are made of synthetic materials that mimic down feathers. If you’re someone who sleeps with the cold AC blasting through the night and are looking for a warmer option, wool duvet inserts are your best option, they’ll be sure to keep the warmth in through the night.

Duvet Cover

As with sheets, cotton is usually the most comfortable material for duvet covers. My personal favorite duvet cover, linked below, from urban outfitters, is very soft to the touch and has a nice solid weight to it as well. Duvet covers are a great opportunity to add in texture. Waffle knit, tufted, woven linen or soft jersey cotton could easily add a texture different from the sheets without adding too much weight. For a more warm, heavy feel, corduroy or velvet could be considered.

Throw Blanket

Tossing a throw blanket over the end of your bed can create that hotel like feel. Whether you let The blanket draped in a floaty organic fashion or fold it vertically for a more uniform look, it’s a great way to incorporate more texture and color to your bed. Below are some beautiful options with fairly versatile textures and colors!

For a high end look ensure that you select a long enough blanket. Check out the graphics below for a guide to selecting the right sized throw blanket for your bed.


The cherry on top and most fun part of designing a bed is adding detail with layered pillows. This is the best opportunity to layer in texture, color and add overall personality to the bed.

I always recommend purchasing good quality pillow inserts to use year-round so you only have to swap out pillow covers seasonally. A variety of inserts with varying shapes, sized and fills from Parachute are linked below. Keep in mind, if allergies are an issue, you’ll want use down alternative options. While they’re not the cheapest, these inserts are great quality, machine washable and should be quite durable to last.

As far as pillow covers go, one of my favorite stores to buy from is Crate & Barrel. They have high-quality pillow covers with tons of texture, color and size of variety. Here are my favorite neutral options made with a variety of textiles.

Below I’ve created some diagrams to help visualize different pillow layering ideas. These wonderful pillow layering formulas will help you select the right sized pillows to span the width of the bed, add dimension, but not look too bulky.