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It’s wreath season, and most decor enthusiasts are swapping out their fall wreaths for winter ones. In this blog post, we’ll cover how high to hang your wreath, how to hang it, what size of wreath to select for different door sizes and what wreath colors & work best for your door & exterior colors and outdoor foliage.

How High to Hang Your Wreath

As with most wall art, eye level is the ideal hanging height. It goes without saying, you want to first center the wreath between the width of the door. Next, to calculate proper hanging height, measure 57” up from the ground. That mark at 57” up should mark the center point of your wreath. So depending on the diameter of your wreath, the wreath may start higher up on your door.

How to Hang Your Wreath

There are quite a few methods for hanging wreaths. Ideally you don’t want to leave any damage behind so any of these methods should be great options!

  1. Ribbon – Loop a piece of ribbon through your wreath and nail the ribbon in place on the very top of the door (this way nobody sees the nail hole when the wreath is removed).
  2. Door Knocker – If you have a door knocker hung at the ideal height, you can consider hanging your wreath in the door knocker by using zip ties or ribbon.
  3. Suction Hook – If you have glass on your door at the ideal heigh, consider using a hook attached to a suction (like the ones you can find for showers).
  4. Command Strip Hook – Command Strip Hooks are a very ideal tool for hanging wreaths as many of their options can hold up to 5lbs. Double check the weight limit specific to the hook you select. She removed correctly, command strips shouldn’t leave damage behind.

Selecting a Wreath Size

It’s important to select the right size wreath for your specific door size. Too small of a wreath can look cheap while too large of a wreath can overpower your porch area. For a standard door size (36” wide), a 24”-26” wreath is a great choice. For an oversized door, consider a 30” wreath. However, if your door it significantly oversized, keep in mind you don’t want your wreath to span any less than half of your door width.

Choosing Wreath Colors According to Exterior House & Door Colors

Selecting the color and style of your wreath is dependent upon the door & exterior colors of your home as well as the outdoor foliage in your landscaping and on your porch. For winter wreathes, consider whether or not your foliage will be covered in snow as well. The goal is for your wreath to complement the colors that already exist in the outdoor space. To complement the space around it, consider finding a wreath that adds contrast to your exterior colors. For example, during snow season, a white winter berry wreath would complement a black front door, where as a deep green wreath would complement a bright white or ivory door. Also, if your home colors are primarily neutral, this could be a great opportunity to add in some color with a colorful florals, foliage or even a jute, velvet or silk bow.

Selecting Wreath Type Depending on Surrounding Foliage

Additionally, consider the foliage in your landscaping. If you have a lot of dark green foliage, a bright or light green reef would clash and not look cohesive. You want the wreath type you select to look as if it could naturally exist within your landscaping. Some common wreath types that often blend easily with surrounding nature are cedar, Spruce, Pine and Cypress.

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