DIY (No Hardwire) Basket Pendant Under $85

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Looking for a basket pendant, but don’t like the price tag? Wanting to put a hanging like in a room but don’t know how to deal with the electrical hardwiring? This DIY is for you!

Electrical Ceiling Hardwiring Kit


This hardwiring kit from World Market comes in three finishes, black, white and brushed brass. Starting at $12.99, this hardwiring kit is the perfect budget friendly option for this DIY. If you’re not looking to hardwire something yourself (like me), cut the wires with wire cutters and drill mount into ceiling (on a stud). Don’t worry about having no wires, this is where the rechargeable magic battery lightbulb comes in later. This allows for so much versatility, as you don’t have to worry about wire locations or having to hire an electrician.

Dakota Natural Seagrass Open Weave Basket


Truth is gorgeous seagrass basket, handwoven in Vietnam, adds airy, natural feel to the black pendant mount. The perfect combination of modern and cozy. I used the large option in this DIY, but this basket comes in 3 sizes; small for $24.99, Medium for $34.99 and large (the one I used) for $39.99. Simply cut a small hole in the center of the basket’s base and run the cord through it.

Magic Lightbulb


These magic lightbulbs are dream for those of us who don’t like the hassle of hardwiring. They charge on a regular electricity source that is connected to electricity, such as a Lamp. Once charged, they run for 4-12 hours electricity free with a battery operated remote allowing you to choose between 3 dim to bright settings. The light is warm and hot stark, giving a cozy glow perfect for this DIY.